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Been weaving songs into hearts of those happy to listen for over thirty years. Originally from East Sussex now based in Devon, I’ve sung my songs from folk clubs to festivals, around UK and Europe and continue to play live shows, record and release new music

Currently out and about playing lively solo acoustic shows, slamming in plenty of popular covers to keep the audiences happy. Previously played in rhythm and blues band Mojo Filter and rock 'n' roll 3 piece The Collaborators, singing and playing bass. Back in the 80’s was the lead singer for synth pop band A La Tienne and at the turn of the millennium was half of the folk duo The Hat Band, playing many long hours of gigs down the west coast of Denmark.

Continuingly writing and releasing new music, working with fellow musicians and producers including Simon Scardanelli and Adam Hannington.

Videos from album and single releases, plus  live videos can be found on my You Tube page and you can hook up on social media via Facebook and Twitter