Last of the Tall Ships - album (2018)

lastofthetallships album cover 600x600

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"wonderful atmospheric tunes and thought provoking lyrics" - The Old School Project

"songs that tip their hat to the past, are perfect for the here and now and offer hope for a brighter future" - The Swindonian

"jam packed full of great songs" - Off The Record

"It’s a cracker of an album" - DancingAboutArchitecture

"a collection of songs that offer a thoughtful and experienced level of insight regarding life and the passing of time" - Stereo Stickman

1. Buying Time (Morris) (3.22)

    Additional Vocals - Bethan Lees

2. Bigger Sky (Morris) (5.09)

    Additional Vocals - Bethan Lees

    Additional Electric Guitar - Josh Cole

3. Freestyle (Morris) (3.46)

    Additional Electric Guitar - Josh Cole

4. Something About You (Morris) (3.06)

    Additional Vocals - Bethan Lees

5. Last of the Tall Ships (Morris/King) (6.07) 

    Additional Vocals - Bethan Lees

6. Glad You’ve Gone (Morris) (4.26)

    Additional Electric Guitar - Josh Cole

7. Tall Ships (Morris/King) (5.21)

Massive thanks to the wonderful artist John Dyer for giving his permission for me to use his painting "Sailing Under The Moon" and for designing the album's cover around it.  See this painting and more of John's art at -